Javier Garcia Cumplido - ritmica maschile

Essendo Javier spagnolo l ‘intervista è stata realizzata in inglese e tale l’ho mantenuta.

Javier Garcia Cumplido has participated  November 22, 2013, to National Championship in Guadalajara, winning the gold medal in the circle, the clubs and ribbon silver, and bronze at the ‘silver in general.

Interview with a representative of man’s rhythmic

I met him through facebook and I was curios to know its history, being the male rhythmic gymnastics a sport still not widespread

Javier Garcia, when he started to practice gymnastics? 

I started practicing four years ago in 2010 and in those years I have been training with the club in La Nucia with two great coaches Ivka Ivanova and Tsveti Mineva.

Why did you choose this sport? 

I chose this sport because I wondered launches atterezzi and flexibility that had many of the gymnasts.

 How old are you now? 


You d understand at first that this was your sport? 

No, because I did not know this sport existed and did not know if I would have survived.

The men’s gymnastics is not widespread in the world. Do you think that in the future there will be more athletes?

Currently, unfortunately, the male rhythmic gymnastics does not extend from the world, I can exercise it only at the national level here in Spain. Yeah, I think that over the years, countries such as Russia, Ukraine … that are the most dictatorial countries have begun to evolve with the rhythmic male.

You use all the tools of this sport. What is the most difficult for you? 

Yes T o me, the more difficult it is for the ball but I can work with all the tools.

Have you had or do you have any idol in the sport? 

I like the Daria Kondakova and Silvia Miteva. Now I’m a fan of K udryasteva and Natalia Garcia.

What are your dreams for the future? 

My dreams for the future are that the boys could participate in a global competition.


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